New year approaches, and I think that maybe perhaps a new look is required. More inside.

November 2022

Testing the youtube subscribe button link outside of youtube.
As of the end of Part 8, we are 14 hours and about 20 minutes in to the 48 hour deadline for level 60. Part 9 begins soon after posting this, and part…
Actually, we might be able to pull this off in less than 24 hours. We have only streamed for 11 hours so far, and a few minutes.
Seriously though, I was going to do another here in 30 minutes, but I'm finally getting tired.
Anyone who wants to join in on the fun, is welcome to run with me.
And maybe some not so good news.
Since swine eat anything, including pearls; and just pass them through as fecal matter.
Here's mine, for the sake of clarity.

October 2022

So I sent out an email recently, and this post is for you, and any others who are interested.
Twitch, I hardly knew ye, but ye have let me down.

September 2022

and some Final Fantasy IX maybe as well later.